Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle

Medical Network of Alaska’s Billing Department is hands on with our physicians beginning with the onboarding process to ongoing billing support including communication to ensure proper medical coding with the latest payer requirements.  The billing team continually engages with payers so that we can stay informed with all the latest coding trends as they develop and roll out so quickly. 

The MNA billing team maintains provider credentialing, which includes annual provider credential updates with payers and state licensing.  We take the burden of the paperwork, to ease that process with tracking when renewals are due and what needs to be performed.  This will ensure the provider is able to remain in network with insurance payers and provide excellent medical care to those members at the best rates. 

Revenue cycles begin with claim auditing, claim payer submission and processing, and ongoing work related to the claim – our team tracks those claims individually so that the provider can rest assure we will be diligent in timely claim processing.  Our certified coders are excellent in communicating with physicians and staff, to provide confidence in the coding process. 


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