Connor Spencer

Connor Spencer


Connor Spencer Data Analyst Manager

Connor Spencer moved to Alaska in 2003 due to his father’s service in the US Air Force. Apart from his time spent studying mathematics and physics at Washington State University (for which he received his minor and major respectively), he has lived in Alaska ever since. He enjoys spending time outside of work with his wife and two golden retrievers, as well as fishing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. On his days in, you can find him at his piano or at the stove cooking meals for his friends and family.

Connor joined Capstone Clinic in the Fall of 2019, working as a medical scribe and part-time IT support. When the COVID-19 Pandemic began he saw an opportunity to put his analytical skills to use and was trusted to manage Capstone’s COVID testing and vaccination data – some 3.7 million records.

As the pandemic drew in, he transitioned to working for Medical Network of Alaska to manage their divisions’ data and information. He supervises a small but tenacious team of four employees as the Data Analyst Manager. He and his staff offer personalized service to all divisions, ranging from financial analysis and quality metric tracking to benchmarking and strategic research.

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